Heels dance class is for everybody. Grab your fave heels and get moving. It’s empowering, fun and it will give your full body a really great workout. Today, I’ve got 7 steps that you can learn from a heels dance class that we can try together.

Heels Dance Class For Beginners

I always keep my eye out for new dance classes that will empower me and make me sweat. Once I tried a heels dance class, I was definitely sold. If you’re a beginner, I suggest wearing wedges or square heeled boots, but if you want that challenge babe, bring out those stilettos. sexy dance in heels Did you know that taking a heels dance class has a lot of benefits? Not only will you work your legs and your core, but you’ll also boost your self confidence. Nothing is sexier than a woman in heels and once you see yourself doing these sexy dance moves, oooh baby, you’re in for a treat! I also love taking this class to destress especially after work, I look forward to closing my laptop and putting on my heels and letting go. Speaking of letting go, I know it can be scary taking a risque class in person, so really let yourself own these moves because you’ll be at home and you’ve got nothing to lose. Grab your heels and show off your routine on instagram by using #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love.

7 Steps You Can Learn In A Heels Dance Class

Learn all these moves in less than 10 minutes. Learn to dance sexy and take a heels dance class right now with Kaleila and unlock the power of your heels through dance.

1. Bevels In Stilettos

You might recognize this saucy foot position from @therockettes. You’ll also see this move in Kaleila’s heels dance class as part of the routine or to transition to another move.⁠⁠ It takes a little core strength to balance when beveling in heels so don’t be surprised if you feel sore after practicing this.

2. Hair Whips

Kaleila will teach you how to do Hair Whips in heels! Let that mane down and really let that lioness energy out.⁠ This move can be daunting because I know for me, I get dizzy really fast. So I suggest trying this move in slow motion first and when your body is more familiar with the action then try it faster and faster.

3. Sexy Heels Walks

These heels are made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do and Kaleila is adding Sexy Walks to your routine. Don’t be afraid to add your own attitude and style to your walk. Really walk with a purpose and let your body do the talking. Embody your sassiness and be proud of your heels game babe!⁠

4. Hip Swivels

These hips don’t lie, but they definitely swivel 🌀 Kaleila is adding some hip action to your routine and I hope you’re ready. The hip swivel will also work your core and improve your footwork. This move might take some practice and a lot of balancing, but we know you’re going to SLAY it.⁠

5. Body Rolls

Heels dance class move tip: When doing a body roll, picture a wall in front of you. Start with your forehead and paint that imaginary wall with your body. Forehead… nose… chest… tummy… legs and knees. And do it again and again until your body finds its rhythm. Go slow or fast, show off your body roll skills.⁠

6. Drops

Drop it like it’s 🔥 queens. Kaleila is working your legs with some drops. I like to drop and stay down to really understand how to balance myself in heels while almost sitting. Then, when I’ve gotten the right balance that’s when I do this move faster. Try different variations– fast drop down, slow come up or slow drop down and fast come up.

7. Booty Pop In Heels

We saved the best move for last! Kaleila is teaching you booty pops in this heels dance class and you know what they say… once you pop, you can’t stop 😂  That definitely applies here too.⁠ She also adds a little hair whip which you learned earlier so add that in and just have fun with it babe.

High Heels Dance Class At Home

Our heels class with Kaleila starts with strength training to gain muscles and then she’ll teach you moves that are perfect with high heels. Get unlimited access to all of our dance workout classes in our studio today. That’s fierce and feminine dance classes available for you online anytime anywhere. Join now and get your 15 days free trial. heels dance class 3

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