Dance workouts are a great way to stay fit while having fun. And there’s nothing better than learning a new type of dance like Brazilian Warrior Workout. Today we’ll be focusing on Maculele, a traditional Afro Brazilian dance.

Dance Workouts That Kick Ass

Our Brazilian Warrior Workout is such a great full body workout it will leave you feeling empowered! A big part of this is Jessica, the instructor, and her passion for this dance tradition. You can feel her energy burst through the screen and she always reminds you to smile which I personally forget to do when I’m working out.

Maculele Workout

Here’s a few basic moves that you can use to kick start your dance workout. These are all taken from our Brazilian Warrior Workout 4.

Basic Maculele Strike

Maculele uses sticks or grimas that go with the rhythm of the drum. You can use kitchen utensils or a ruler or just your hands and clap to the beat if you don’t have sticks. Keep your body loose and strike at the count of 1.

Maculele Run

This move is a little bit of a brain twister because you have to keep your legs moving one way while striking your grimas above your head. Don’t be afraid to lean forward and use that strong core for balance!

Around The World

This one is a personal favorite, Around The World lets you strike your grimas 4 times and is a whole body workout. Learn to control your standing strength while your upper body moves around in a circle

Basic Brazilian Dance Moves In 5 Minutes

Afro Brazilian Dance Workouts

We’ve got more Brazilian Warrior Workout waiting for you. Learn more advanced moves and feel strong and powerful. Sign up today and start your dance workouts anytime, anywhere!