Where my BOSS BABES at? Every boss babe needs a twerk dance playlist to get them hyped for that important meeting or the day of the big launch! You go girl and go get your twerk dance on.

Boss Babe Twerk Dance Playlist

We made this playlist for all you Boss Babes out there that need a little pat on the booty for all that good work you’re doing. We want to encourage you to try twerk dance classes to pump you up, feel motivated and sexy babe!! You’re a strong, independent woman and twerk the haters away!! Just press play. This twerk dance playlist is over an hour long with some of our fave artists like Cardi B, Jason Derulo, DJ Snake and many more. I hand picked these songs because it makes me move and it makes me feel good and I know you’ll love it too. Being a boss babe means you also have to hype yourself up because you gotta do everything yourself, right? We’re all in this together so let’s have fun with it and let’s twerk dance to greatness! What’s your fave twerk dance song of all time? Did it make the list? Let us know and show off your twerk moves on instagram with #hsfteam so I can give you virtual high fives!

Twerk Dance Choreography

Need some moves to go with our playlist? We got you too boo boo! Our very own booty goals, Nicole Steen has the sickest twerk dance choreography to the best songs. Adapt them to all of these booty poppin’ tunes and be your own booty queen!

Bodak Yellow By Cardi B

Pop your booty with the Queen of the Bronx, Cardi! This song is such a great hype jam for every boss babe and these moves are no joke. You’ll want to twerk everytime you hear this song from now on and maybe throw some dollah dollah bills y’all.

Swalla By Jason Derulo

This is definitely a celebration twerk song. Pop that booty before poppin that champ for finishing that big project babe. Jason Derulo, Nicki and Ty $ are here to help hype you up and our booty babes are here to celebrate with you. Nothing to celebrate? Never true, celebrate being YOU!

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