I’ve always wanted to try burlesque dance classes, but it was hard to make the studios schedule work for me. Luckily, now there are at home dance workouts that can fit anyone’s schedule and it includes burlesque.

Beginner Burlesque Dance Classes

Burlesque dance classes are my go to workout when I want to feel sexy and confident. I love our Burlesque Burn workout because it combines the strength of pilates and the sultry movements of burlesque. Trust me, Erica will make you sweat! There’s something wonderful that happens to your body when you dance and it just gets ten times better after dancing to burlesque. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry babe, Erica will teach you nice and slow. The best part is, you can always replay a move that you missed or want to repeat. Our burlesque dance classes will make you feel like a leggy goddess and will teach you to be one with your amazing body. I’ve compiled some of our beginner friendly burlesque dance classes just for you. We’ll go through floor routines, faking a split and we’ll even try some chair tricks. Are you in? Let’s do this goddesses. Love burlesque dance classes after this? Show off your burlesque dance moves on instagram and use #hipshaker. Tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love ?

Beginner Burlesque Dance

Let’s start with a little snippet of a burlesque dance class. This is super friendly for beginners and will give you a glimpse of a modern take on burlesque. You’ll learn moves like the Turn Too Hot, Arch Back & Swirl and Hip Throws. My fave from this class is the Arch Back & Swirl because you can get a little or a lot cheeky!

Learn To Fake A Split

Get your warmies out and let’s learn how to fake a split. Burlesque dance classes can help you with technique and how to make it look good. You don’t have to know how to actually do a split, you can fake it and make it look sexy. I like how easy Erica makes this move look and for that I’m grateful.

Trampoline Burlesque Choreography

Now that you’ve got some of the moves down, let’s get to work on a non-stop choreography. I like to watch the whole choreo first so I know what I’m getting into. Then, I do the first verse of a song and get the moves down. You’ll get a few tries throughout the song to really get the choreography down and then hit that replay button and shine.

Burlesque Dance In A Chair

Ladies, grab your throne and put that hair in a pony because you’ll be learning some burlesque chair tricks today! I was a little worried when I tried this at first, but I assure you, your chair isn’t going anywhere. I love the Leg Up to the Body Drop move because it feels so empowering to just let go and you feel like flying.

Burlesque Dance Classes Online Anytime, Anywhere

Get more burlesque dance classes with Erica and Burlesque Burn. Combine the strength of pilates with the sultry moves of burlesque. This is just one of the dance workouts in our studio. We’ve got 200+ fierce and feminine dance classes available for you online anytime anywhere. Join our dance studio today and get a 15 day free trial HERE.

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