Have you ever wanted to try Burlesque dance moves? You’ve come to the right place babes. We’ll go through some moves on the floor, standing and even how to fake a split!

Sexy Burlesque Dance Moves

There’s something about Burlesque dance moves that just make me feel so proud to be a woman. It makes me feel sexy and empowered at the same time. I think all babes should have a few burlesque dance moves in their pockets. It’s super sexy to be able to show off some tricks anytime you want. By taking burlesque dance classes,¬†you’ll learn new dance moves and you’ll be able to pick and choose moves that you really want to master. One of my favorite moves in the Fan Kick because it makes my legs look so long even though I’m a shorty ūü§ę Find your inner goddess with the help of burlesque moves below. Show off your burlesque moves¬†on¬†instagram¬†by¬†using¬†#hsfteam¬†and tag us¬†@hipshakefitness¬†on your posts so we can give you some love

Beginner Burlesque Dance Moves

Here’s a little taste of a burlesque routine with a couple of moves stitched together. You’ll learn the Fairy Flick, the Arch Back, Hips and Hair Throw. I really love the Arch move because there are so many ways to make this move your own and learn how to tease the eyes with it.

Learn How To Fake A Split

I mean, who doesn’t want to learn how to do a split? I know I’ve been wanting to learn since I was little, but of course I’m not as flexible anymore so I’m happy there’s a hack for it. The most important thing before you try this out is to stretch first and Erica will go through some stretches before teaching you how to fake a split.

Burlesque Dance Moves On The Floor

This one’s for the badass babes who knows their worth!¬†In this routine, you’re going to learn some floor moves¬†like one of my faves, Floor Fan Kick. It’s so sexy, fierce and it will kick your confidence right up. Plus, you get to use some of the moves you learned from the Beginner Burlesque Dance Moves video.

Standing Burlesque Dance Moves

Now this burlesque choreography is much faster, all standing and will give your legs a good burn. I love the song Dance Monkey by Tones And I and now I have choreography to go with it. The Drop will take a little bit of practice to get the balance right, but it’s totally worth it.

Burlesque Dance Workouts Anytime, Anywhere

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