Flirty Hip Hop is a dance workout created by Nicole Steen exclusively for Hip Shake Fitness.  This is a 30 minute workout that will get you sweaty while making you feel hot.  We warm up with Uptown Funk, get going with Confident and get down to Milkshake! Channel your inner hip hop goddess!

Workout Instructor

When she’s not auditioning or on set, Nicole Steen can be found teaching her high energy classes at the Westwood and West LA Equinox Gym & Southbay Bay Club where she’s become known as the Cardio Dance Queen.

Featured Dancers

Women in technology are few and far between! Today, we are lucky to have 3 of these women breaking the mold everyday in the tech world. Ana Hory – Product Manager Nya Assis – Web Engineer Murriel Perez – IT Director

Active Wear

Nicole Steen‘s pink crop pants provided by Glamour 90210. Charlene Dipaola‘s black workout top from Lululemon, similar here  

Dance Workout Breakdown

You will learn 10 different 8 count workouts. We will start from the first 8 count workout and build up gradually until we all get the full 10 sets of moves down.  Expect to do a lot of steps, arm-movements, booty shaking and have lots of fun!  All of this will be in just 30 minutes.

Workout Video

This video was recorded live, 4:30 pm – December 20, 2015 at Studio Maesto in Santa Monica, CA.

Music Playlist