There’s nothing better than finding your tribe and my tribe is our dance workout community. We’re spotlighting our IG babes who aren’t afraid to show off their fitness journey. Sit tight and get inspired!

At Home Dance Workout Power

Dance workouts online is the newest way to stay fit with a busy schedule. For me, I like being able to schedule my workout around my day and not the other way around. It’s the same for the ladies in our dance tribe from all over the world and I’m so thankful for them for sharing little bits of their fitness journey on instagram. I find these women very brave because the internet can be a tricky place to be vulnerable in. They show us relatable stories of being busy, being yourself and still making time for your health. They’ve been true inspirations for continuing this journey, but they’ve also become inspirations for my personal life. So check out these amazing ladies and go give them a follow! Come find your dance tribe today babe and start your dance workout journey with us and use #hipshaker on instagram so we can feature you on future blogs.


Jitka shares her weight loss journey on her ‘gram. She uses her day off to get some dance workouts done because there are no off days! I also LOVE her shirt, strong girls definitely rule and they run the world ?


Irene has been part of our community for about 2 years and right from the beginning she was always charming, open and vulnerable. She’s become a really good friend of mine and I’ve spent some time with her in my travels to Italy. She inspires me on the daily and helps me get through tough days.


Jeannie is a dancer, a business owner and a total cutie pie! All the clothes she’s wearing are from DanceWeaver, her own company that hand braids beautiful bodycon clothes. Anyone with a small business knows how much work is put into it, so Kudos to you J for still dancing in between braids.


Syreeta is a fashionista and blogger and she ain’t afraid to show off her makeup when she’s working out. I mean who says you have to take off your makeup before working out? You’re going to sweat it off anyway ?I love the bold lip color that really shows her personality too.

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