Have you danced to our High Heels sexy burlesque dance choreography yet? It’s totally one of my newer faves and it gives me an excuse to bust out my leg warmers! If you need extra help with the choreo or it’s your first time learning it, you came to the right place.

High Heels Burlesque Choreography

The first time I saw Erica’s choreography to High Heels, I got chills. There’s nothing sexier than a non apologetic revenge song and paired with Erica’s super sultry moves, ooh girl, we’re in business. I was super stoked to do this choreography with Erica but when I got the practice video, I was a little nervous. I didn’t have a lot of experience with burlesque dance. All I knew is that I wanted to be part of it and of course, I wanted to rock those leg warmers! (Want the ones we have on? Get em HERE) When I was practicing the moves on my own, I often wondered if I was doing them correctly. I tried my best to recreate the beautiful moves that Erica put together and I think I did a pretty decent job, but at the time of the dance shoot, I definitely had to get some of the moves explained a little further. More details and more practice really helped and I couldn’t wait to do this choreography full out. Now you can do this choreo full out at home, in the bedroom anytime, anywhere! Did you master the choreo? Show it off on instagram. Use the  #hipshaker so we can give you some love back!

Burlesque Dance Breakdown

Learn the High Heels choreography straight from Erica. She’s breaking down the moves slowly so you can master them at home. Let’s take a look at some of my fave moves from this burlesque dance class.

Fairy Flick

Channel your inner tinkerbell and flick your cute little leg to the front and then slide your hands down your legs. Really make this flick crisp and fierce and then let your head roll down with your arms. Don’t be afraid of your sexiness fairy babes??‍♀️

Body Feels

Speaking of feelin’ yourself, this one should be easy ?Sometimes do you catch yourself just touching your legs over and over again? No? Just me? I bet you do it too. It feels good, doesn’t it?? So go on, outline your body and slay this choreo!

Fan Kick

Who doesn’t love a good fan kick? It makes me feel tall and my legs long! You should definitely use your elbow to stabilize yourself during the fan kick. Don’t worry babe, if your leg doesn’t go as straight as Ericas, that’s totally alright! Practice makes straighter legs ?

No Ex

This move is soooo cute! Absolutely no exes allowed because they’ll just want you back when they see those hips move. Show off your best self and see what they’re missing. Own it and really let those hips go around!

Cat Crawl Bonus

Watch the burlesque breakdown video til the end for some tips on how to freestyle– burlesque style– on the floor. Guess which animal Erica is channeling below? ?

Full Breakdown Video

Get the full burlesque dance breakdown here. See all the moves we covered and so much more.

High Heels Choreography

Now that you’ve mastered the moves, come dance with us ?

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