Looking for a way to spice up your fitness routine? Learn how to twerk with Miss Nicole Steen right at home! This is a no judgement zone and a safe space to dance like nobody’s watching.

Learn How To Twerk With Nicole

One of my favorite classes from our platform is Tone N Twerk with Nicole. Not only will she teach you how to twerk, she will also help sculpt and lift your booty. Who doesn’t want that? At home workouts are the easiest way to learn a new dance style. It always fits your schedule and class is never full! I love twerking classes with Nicole because her energy is unmatched, I get to work on my booty and I get to learn new moves to add to my arsenal. Not only are twerk classes fun and challenging, they’re also very empowering. You get a boost of confidence after a class because believe it or not, it takes a lot effort to twerk and tone your glutes. I can’t wait for you to start your twerk journey. I’ve compiled beginner friendly twerk workout videos from Nicole below. Happy twerking! Learn how to twerk at home and show it off on instagram and use #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your twerk posts so we can give you some booty taps

How To Twerk 101

Start with this video if you’re a beginner and get a feel for what it’s like to twerk. Learn moves like the Basic Twerk, Knee In and the Shaky Leg. Don’t worry, we’ll start off slow and Nicole will break down each move. You can choose to keep twerking slow or try to do it fast.

Step By Step Twerk Moves

This class will also show you beginner friendly twerk moves, but they’re a little bit faster. If you’re still looking for a beginners twerk class but want a little more of a challenge, this one’s for you. Learn the Shuffle Twerk, Up Down Twerk and the Booty Pop Back in 5 minutes.

Twerking For Fun

We filmed this class when I was pregnant and I had the most fun! Preggy mama’s can twerk too and I encourage it. Come learn the Backing Up Twerk, Fast Booty Twerk and Stank Booty Twerk with me. You can’t take yourself too seriously with move names like Stank Booty Twerk so don’t forget to smile and loosen up when you twerk.

Cardi B Twerk Choreography

Choreographies are a whole different breed of dance lessons. I suggest watching the whole routine first and then breaking it up into sections (verse, chorus, etc) when you start learning the moves. Practice makes perfect and you’ll make Cardi B very proud when you master this dance.

Want More Twerk Dance Classes?

We’ve got 30+ twerk classes available in our studio with Nicole Steen. You can be a beginner or intermediate twerker and get an amazing workout in. Plus, 200+ fierce and feminine dance classes available for you online anytime anywhere.JOIN OUR DANCE WORKOUT STUDIO NOW.

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