Low impact dance workouts burns calories without the high intensity. These workouts are perfect for beginners, older adults, pregnant women and people with bone or joint injuries and still want to workout.

Low Impact Dance Workouts

What makes a workout low impact? Simply put, a dance workout is low impact if at least one foot remain in contact with the ground at all times. When I was pregnant, I relied a lot on low impact workouts to burn calories. I wanted to stay active throughout my pregnancy and my go to was our Blissful Barre class. Low impact dance workouts tend to be less jarring on my body and on my joints since I was already carrying extra weight. There are a lot of benefits to doing low impact workouts everyday and one of them is improving your cardiovascular health. These workouts are one of the best ways to prevent development of cardiovascular diseases. Plus, they’re so fun and helps keep your whole body healthy. Share your fave low impact moves on instagram by using #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love?

Upper Body Barre Workout

I know it’s hard to work on your arms without picturing intense weight lifting, but we’ve got a barre arm workout that will help you tone those muscles. Diane adds seat work with your arms and she doesn’t stop moving so your muscles are always engaged. I love the combinations because it makes arm workout more fun.

Latin Dance Workouts

Is it hot in here or it is just these Salsa moves? Our LA Latin dance workout with Matt will definitely make you sweat. This is a fave for our older ladies in the community and who can blame them? Matt is a ball of energy, charming and his fancy feet are truly mesmerizing.

Ab Focused Dance Workout

Ab workouts doesn’t just mean laying on the floor and doing crunches. Ashley will show you how to dance your way to a six pack! My arm was injured during this production, but I still felt the burn on my core and my legs. The standing side crunches are my fave from this video even though I couldn’t put my arms up.

Total Body Trampoline Dance Workout

Ok babes, we saved the best for last… Trampoline Dance Workout!! I always wanted a trampoline when I was younger and now I can get my jump on while staying fit and active. Diane’s energy is infectious and her trampoline moves are absolutely brilliant. If you don’t have a trampoline, you can easily do this on the floor too.

Low Impact Dance Workout Program

We’ve got a 21 day dance workout program that will be easy on the knees. Don’t be fooled, you will still get your sweat on with classes like LA Latin and Bollywood Abs just to name a few. Get your entire body moving and improve your range of motion and coordination. You can get this program when you become a member of our dance studio, so come dance and twist with us today.

Get More Low Impact Dance Workouts

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