Need some pregnancy exercises you can do at home? I got you preggy mama. Go through some of my fave at home workouts and check out the modifications for your bump and you.

No Shame In Your Pregnancy Exercise Game

Look, I know you get weird stares from people when you exercise with a baby bump. So why not get rid of that stress and do your pregnancy exercises right at home? You don’t have to drive and you don’t have to deal with those eyes, mama! Just because you’re pregnant, doesn’t mean you can’t work out! If you were active before your pregnancy, that’s more of a reason to keep that active lifestyle. You gotta stay connected with your body babe and they say babies who are exposed to physical activities in the womb have a smaller chance of being overweight and having diabetes. It’s a win win for you and baby. So I’ve gathered a few of my favorite workouts and I’ll show you preggy modifications that you can do for these exercises as well. Follow my preggy journey and get more pregnancy exercises on our instagram. Give us a follow and tag #hipshaker on your preggy dance posts so we can give you some love ?

Pregnancy Exercises At Home

First, check with your doctor and get an OK to workout when your pregnant. Not all pregnancies are the same babe and that’s ok because you’re growing a little human in there and nothing else really matters as much as that.

15 Minute Beach Booty

There’s a part in the warm up where Nicole and I stretch with one knee in front. Then we bend towards the knee so for a modification, since we don’t want to squish the belly, bend towards the center of your body instead. You’ll still get a great stretch for your legs and your back.




The twist stretch is another move that we preggy mama’s should avoid. I know it feels really good on your back, but it won’t feel good for the baby. So for this move, I suggest doing a sitting stretch by crossing your legs over one another and sitting back. You’ll definitely feel a stretch on your IT band.


This Is How We Do It Hip Hop Dance

You can’t take the hip hop out of this girl even with a baby bump. In this choreography, Ashley does the Hip Hop Hooray moves, but we shouldn’t be jumping while we’re pregnant! As a modification, depending how you’re feeling, you can either do mini jumps (mostly just lifting your heels off the floor) or you can sway and just bend your knees up and down. I promise you’ll still look like a real OG ?

Hip Hop Hooray:


 Workouts Featured In The Video

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  3. Full Body Dancehall Jam
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  5. Lower Body Barre Workout 

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