It’s 2020, sexy dance workouts are the new go to classes. Women all over the world are letting their sexy selves out and we’re loving every minute of it.

Sexy Dance Workouts

Say hello to your new favorite type of dance workouts. They’re sexy, sassy, fun and badass. These classes are led by women for women so don’t be afraid to get your sexy on with us. I felt awkward when I try to dance sexy, but I learned that awkward is not a bad thing. I learned to embrace it and channel it towards how I dance. Now that I’ve taken more sexy dance workouts like burlesque dance and twerk dance, I’m more confident channeling my inner sexy self to come out and dance. Plus, these classes not only improves your mood, it also tones your body and increases your self love. The best part is, if you don’t feel comfortable to do classes like these in public, they’re all available online! Yas queen, get sexy in the comfort of your own home. Trust me babe, you’ve got what it takes and if you need practice I’ve got some of my fave classes for you to try below. Show off your hot moves on instagram by using #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love?

Beginner Burlesque Class

Your sexy dance workout starts with a little Burlesque. If you’re looking for a more slow paced, feel yourself kind of class, this is the one for you. Play around with your body’s curves and length with moves like Hip Throws and Cheeky Arch. You’ll find that you have that sexy side in you all along. Let her out babe.

Flirty Hip Hop Choreography

Get a little flirty and turn up the music with this sassy hip hop choreography. Our Flirty Hip Hop workout with Nicole combines the attitude and hip hop dance made for a queen. This Strip That Down choreography is a total body workout with moves that will tone your core, legs and booty.

Sexy Chair Dance Choreography

Add some props to your sexy dance workout and learn burlesque chair tricks to 7 Rings. There’s something about dancing in a chair that is very empowering. I don’t know if it’s being able to lift yourself off the floor or the Flashdance vibes. Whatever it is, every woman should at least try learning a burlesque choreography on a chair.

Twerk Workout

If you haven’t tried a twerk dance workout yet, you’re really missing out. Our Tone N Twerk class starts with booty toning moves and ends with a twerk workout. Learn moves like the Back It Up twerk and the Stank Booty twerk and watch that booty jiggle. Don’t be afraid to release your inner twerk queen, she’s worth

Dance Workout Programs On-Demand

Want a curated fitness program filled with sexy dance workouts? Try our Down and Dirty program, 2 weeks of fierce and unapologetic dance classes that will tone your whole body. We’re your go-to on-demand dance workout studio. Our classes are always available 24/7, 365 days! 

Try A FREE Burlesque Burn Workout NOW!

Burlesque Burn combines the control and stamina of Pilates with the sexy theatrics of Burlesque. We start each class with pilates based toning workouts and end with a flirty and fun choreography. You’re gonna feel empowered and ready to take on the world! Join us for Burlesque Booty. A 20 minute Burlesque Burn Workout. Level up your booty gains with Erica and your resistance bands. She’ll go through moves that will really sculpt your glutes and then some. Then, get a good stretch and learn how to do 2 fun and sexy chair tricks. Unlock your FREE Burlesque Burn Dance Workout video today. free dance workout