‘Tis the season to be merry and bright and it’s also the perfect time to dance into the new year! I’ve picked out the best dance choreographies that YouTube has to offer. I love dance and Christmas music so it only makes sense to fuse them together! I hope this list makes you smile and inspires you to get up and dance this holiday season.

#5 Dream House Dance Academy | Jingle Bells Remix

I love the modern twist to Jingle Bells and the choreography really compliments it. Kids dancing is always a hit, it’s amazing to watch them dance because frankly, sometimes I don’t know how they move like that. The choreography is easy and the kids look like they’re having so much fun. The arm movements are hypnotizing and contagious, my arms just start moving to the beat. And if you know me, I’m always down for Xmas, hip hop style! Buy these cute Santa Hats for your crew  

#4 Jayden Rodriguez | Sleigh Ride by The Ronettes

Jrod and his friends created a winter wonderland in Australia and danced through the holidays. This choreography is a little more advanced, but nothing a little replay button can help. I love the concept and it shows how much fun each dancer in the video is having! They did a really good job at showing off each dancer and their strengths. I also like the different styles of dance that they incorporated in the video. Kudos to whoever thought of the piggy back Santa!

#3 Fitness Marshall | My Only Wish This Year by Britney Spears

I’ve never met a Fitness Marshall dance that I didn’t like. His energy is top notch and he just makes dancing so fun! My favorite move from the piece is the snow shoveling move. It’s a total body movement and compliments the song very well. This dance choreography is super fun, PLUS, this gives me an excuse to buy a giant candy cane? Buy Candy Canes  

#2 Annual Orgill Family Christmas Dance | Santa Tell Me By Ariana Grande

I mean, clearly this family is full of talent. They’ve been producing Christmas choreography for 6 years with 8 siblings and more. What impresses me the most about their videos are the well thought out transitions and they always have awesome single file arm styling. It just warms my heart seeing a family bond over dance and you know there were a lot of rehearsals which means more time together. Definitely inspired to start a new family tradition now.

#1 Flirty Hip Hop | All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey

Nicole can make anything look sexy, even a santa apron. Even though the moves are basic, it’s still super expressive. What I love about this dance is that anyone can do this choreography. There’s a playfulness and flirtiness to the moves which is totally the style of the song and Ms. Mariah. The perfect move in this choreography is the grapevine to the turn, it’s so whimsical and fun. If I were you, I’d show it off at your next holiday party and be the gift that everybody wants for Christmas☺️ Buy Christmas Headbands for your girlfriends  

Family Christmas Dances Are EPIC

I hope these Christmas choreographies brought a permanent smile on your face and warmed up your feet for dancing. I’m gonna go and start a group message for my family to get their dancing shoes ready! Have a wonderful holiday season and I’m looking forward to dancing with all of you next year!

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