Hello gorgeous! I love doing dance workouts at home. I don’t have to deal with traffic, I workout as soon as I wake up and I don’t have to pay for an expensive gym membership. I made space in our house for a lil’ home gym. It’s perfect for getting a my Hip Shake Studio dance workout in the morning or after work. You don’t need a lot of space to create your own dance studio ~ you don’t even need a room! Today I’m going to give you my 3 tips to build your own dance workout studio at home.

Pick YOUR Dance Studio Space

Anywhere can be transformed into a dance studio space. Pick a place that makes you feel motivated and ready. Ideally, one that won’t have too many distractions from the rest of the house. Unless of course, the whole family wants to join in which can be fun too!! Here’s the thing, if you set aside the right space, YOU will dance and workout more. I promise! Having the space makes it more intentional that you get your workout in. My space is right between our dining room and our living room. Todd usually wakes up later so I as soon as I get out of bed in the morning, I’ll head on over and get my dance workout in. I use my laptop to watch videos from our virtual dance studio so I have an alligator chair (Allie) that I prop my mac on. My dance space is really small, it’s probably the size of 2 yoga mats. Sometimes, I need to move some furniture around.  I always have furniture sliders (buy HERE) around if I need them.

Pick Your Fave Equipment

I use these a LOT and make sure I keep them handy:
  1. Yoga Mat – an absolute necessity for all the floor workouts we do and for stretching!
  2. Booty Bands – I’m ALWAYS working on my booty. I wasn’t born with a big booty so I make it a point to give it love. I bring these everywhere even when I travel! Try our 15 min resistance band booty workout.
  3. Hand Weights – These are great for upper body toning workouts and you can also hold one during a dance workout to increase the intensity! I found hand weights that have fun color options HERE.
  4. Foam Roller – If you haven’t discovered foam rollers yet, you NEED to check them out. These are great to help release sore muscles and give yourself a massage. I try to foam roll after every workout if I have time.
  5. Chair with back – we recently just started adding Blissful Barre workouts to our online dance workout studio! A chair with back is a great alternative so you don’t need to install your own dance bar at home. Check out our at home Chair Barre workout.

Find the Ideal Storage Spot or Create One

You want to be able to hide the equipment away when you’re not working out. I use a foldable storage cube that I stash under our alligator chair. There’s a lot of different options for home organization. I found a helpful article  that shows you different storage options HEREWhen you create the right space, it’s easier to incorporate dance workouts into your daily routine. What’s in your home dance workout studio? Let me know in the comments below! 

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