Twerk meaning: a type of dance involving hip thrusting movements and a low squatting stance. If you want to learn how to twerk, you can find a lot of twerk videos on YouTube. I’ve compiled the best twerk videos on YouTube featuring instructors that really know their stuff.

How To Dance: Twerking w/ Anisha

Let’s start with the basics. Anisha breaks down moves from a popular twerker in pop culture- Beyonce. I mean, who doesn’t want to dance like the Queen B? Well with this tutorial, we can all at least try. My favorite from this twerk video is the Hip Roll Drop. It’s just so fierce!

Learn How To Twerk in 5 Minutes

Of course we have to add our very own Booty Queen, Miss Nicole to the mix. Learn basic twerks and the baby twerk and feel your quads burn! She will also teach you moves that can loosen your muscles after twerking. Let it all go and learn how to twerk like nobody’s watching.

How To Twerk #6 | LexTwerkOut Tutorials

Let’s do some floorwork. The Queen of Twerk, Lexy Panterra shows you how to properly twerk while in a deep squat. This is number 6 of her in depth twerk tutorials, so if you need to back it up to lesson 1, go ahead and do that. Don’t be scared, just keep practicing. I know I will.

Twerk Lesson by Dancing with Jessica

Here’s a fun class video from Dance Fitness with Jessica featuring a song by the Queen of Twerking, Lexy Panterra. I really like the inclusion in this video, it says that everyone CAN twerk— even a little boy that was probably dragged into the class by his mom. It’s great to see everyone embracing a good workout by twerking.

How To Dance Combo by Keaira LaShae

Keaira LaShae is a dancer and choreographer and in her video, you can learn moves that you can take to parties or the club. What I love about this twerk video is that not only will you come out with a dance combo, but you’ll also get a wonderful workout out of it. She does leg moves and body rolls that will definitely win over any dancefloor you’re in!

Saturday Twerk Class with Shoshina Katerina

Now that you’ve got the basic moves, try this choreography out. The cool thing about this twerk video is that it’s a class video so you get to see all kinds of level of twerking. So don’t be afraid even if you’re just a beginning. Everyone starts from somewhere.

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