I’ve rounded up the best twerk videos on youtube for 2019 and we’re only halfway through the year. Get ready to let that booty jiggle and shake what yo mama gave you!

Twerk Videos On YouTube

YouTube is the best source for twerk videos because there are so many choreographies to choose from. If you have a specific song in mind, chances are there’s an online twerk video that comes along with it. best twerk videos milkshake I love a good twerk video with the right song combined with the right moves, it changes my mood for the better! Is twerk therapy a thing? If it’s not, they should really look into that. The boost of happy juice and self confidence after a good twerk workout is so powerful and so beneficial to your health. So I went on YouTube and looked for twerk songs and twerk moves that I think you’ll really enjoy. Get your booty ready, girl and let’s twerk something! Show off your twerk moves on  instagram babe and be part of our twerk army. Make sure you use #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness so we can give your booty some love

Basic Twerk Moves Video

Let’s start with the basics shall we? In this twerk video, Nicole teaches us some basic twerk moves like the Backing Up Twerk and the Fast Booty Twerk. Learn from the best booty in the west and get some pointers on how to let that booty jiggle and own your twerk.

Thotiana Twerk Dance

Blueface baby and our girl Cardi B with this banging remix, we had to put our twerk queen, Nicole in the mix! Full disclosure, I was 14 weeks pregnant while doing this choreography and I loved every minute of it. You won’t believe what kind of twerk move Nicole taught us for this one. Click that play button and find out babe.

City Girl Twerk Choreo

The girls from Squat and Slay breaks down the twerk choreography to City Girl. She goes a little fast, but you’ve got the power of that pause and rewind button babe. You’re gonna look so fierce doing this choreography babe, the pausing and rewinding will be totally worth it at the end.

Wobble Up Twerk Video

I love a good twerk class setting and Strefa has babes with different twerk levels involved in this choreography. It’s always great to see different takes on moves and different personal styles because it makes me feel comfortable showing off my own twerk style too. This song is super fun and is a perfect summer twerk song for 2019.

New Twerk Queen Lizzo

Have you seen this flute playing, rapping, twerk queen Lizzo?? I found a video of her teaching how to twerk and I’m even more in love. She pushes self love in her presence, lyrics and shows and she’s not afraid to have a twerk off with anybody! Learn to be confident in your own body and twerk off the haters.

Twerk Videos Online Anytime, Anywhere

We’ve got over 30 twerk classes with Nicole Steen in our online studio. Loosen up with a fun and sexy twerk dance choreography and get your booty sculpted too. Access all our twerk videos and learn how to twerk anytime, anywhere. Plus, we’ve got over 200 other dance workout videos and we’re open 24 hours, 365 days a year! best twerk videos jill nicole cha

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