You are in for a treat babe! Today two kweens meet in one femmetastic twerk dance video– Cardi B & Nicole Steen. You’ve heard the chart topping hit, Bodak Yellow from Cardi B. Now you can twerk dance to it too thanks to our resident buns of Steen, Nicole! Get the full Bodak Yellow choreography below and a break down of the chorus that you’ll want to repeat over and over again. Let’s twerk it, babe!

Bodak Yellow Twerk Dance Choreography


1. Twerk Walk

How to do this first twerk dance move is you sit one side of your hip while the opposite arm reaches up and pulls down. Pretend like you’re pulling a chord and its connected to your heel. So when your arm pulls down, the opposite heel goes up. Don’t be afraid to get sassy with it too, release your inner Cardi!

2. Arm Pumps

Push the haters away with this simple arm move and pump action. You can intensify the pumping action if you suck in your core everytime you pump forward. It’s kind of like doing crunches while standing. If you repeat this move a few times, you will seriously feel your abs and legs getting sore.

3. Side Twerk

This is one of my favorite twerk dance moves, the side twerk. What I love about it is that you’ve probably been doing some kind of version of it and didn’t even know that you’ve been twerking. Basically, rest your hands on one thigh and do a semi-lunge and pop your booty the other way. Don’t forget to look back at it and check yourself out!

4. Walk and Pump

This is a little similar to the Arm Pumps from earlier, but now you’re walking forward facing one side. Your arms are doing a shrugging motion, telling the haters that you don’t care about them. You can even get low with it and make it a more intense twerk dance move.

5. Booty Jiggle

It wouldn’t be a Nicole Steen choreography without a lot of butt jiggling. You toned it so now let loose and get it jigglin’. Bend forward and make that money clap and let that booty shake. There’s no right or wrong way to do it as long as you’re having fun with it!   If you don’t get the steps right away, don’t worry boss babe! You can repeat the video as many times as you want. And the most important thing is we’re all dancing and having fun together. I’m certain you are gonna rock this Bodak Yellow twerk dance choreography in no time!

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