Dance workouts are a simple and effective way to empower women. They can make you feel good, boost confidence and you get to learn new moves while staying fit!

Empowering Dance Workouts

Dance workouts always make me feel so strong and like I can take on the world. Whether it’s nailing a combination or finally learning that one move I’ve been trying to master, dancing makes me feel good. They say you release a bunch of endorphins after a workout and that’s definitely true after dancing. Especially, when you learn a dance workout to your fave female artist, you just feel so tingly and empowered. Cardio dance workouts to Lizzo or J.Lo or Cardi B can really change your mood, babe. Have you tried it? You’re in luck, I’ve searched through YouTube to find you the most empowering dance workouts so you can try it at home. Feeling strong and empowered by dance workouts? Show it off on instagram and use #hsfteam, tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love

Barre Dance To Lizzo

Need a dose of self love? Look no further because you’ll love yourself so hard after listening to Lizzo. Juice is a fun song and even more fun to dance to. Diane created a barre inspired choreography that will bring you nothing but smiles and will make you want to hit that replay button again and again.

Dance Fitness To JLo

Jennifer Lopez is the ultimate body goals and she confesses that dancing is a big part of it. Her song Ain’t Your Mama, is the ultimate anthem for babes who know what they’re worth. Learn this dance by Jessica and you’ll definitely have a smile on your face and a pep in your step.

High Heels Burlesque Dance

Jojo is back and with a vengeance! Learn these sexy dance moves from Erica and really feel yourself. It’s ok to love yourself, queen. Burlesque is such a good style to dance to when you want something a little low impact and focus on strength and flexibility. Let those legs fly and get your sexy on babes.

Strong And Sexy Dance In Havana

This is one of my favorite sexy cardio dance choreographies in our library because it’s so sultry and makes me feel like it’s summer anytime of the year. Ashley created this dance and you can tell that she really listened to the song. I love the Latin influence in the dance which makes me feel like a spicy mamacita.

Beychella Dance Workout

I mean we can’t talk about women empowerment without talking about Beyonce! Right when you put on any Bey track, you can feel the queen-ess go through your veins. Add dancing to her songs with Ashley and you’ll achieve ultimate queen vibes! I love how iconic Beychella was and grateful that Ashley created a whole workout inspired by Queen B.

Twerk To Bodak Yellow

We had to make a twerk dance to Bodak Yellow, it just made sense. Twerking in itself can change a babe and make her more confident, adding Cardi B might make her that much dangerous. Nicole killed this choreography because she embraces her femininity and embodies this songs fierceness too.

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