Kpop dance is a great way to get fit while embracing a new culture. More and more kpop bands are emerging outside of Korea and becoming household names like BIGBANG and Wonder Girls. To ease you into kpop dance, we’ve got an easy break down from our Kpop Dance Party workout with Ally Vega. You’ll learn basic kpop dance moves to get you started.

Kpop Step Out

When I first tried this kpop dance move, it was hard not to look down on my feet. My little trick is to keep doing the side then forward step until I can do it with my eyes closed. After that, it became natural, like walking. As always, practice makes perfect, babes.

Hip Roll

Now on to our hips! Imagine drawing the number eight with your hips after you step your foot out. Let your leg lead your hips to sway from right to left. There is definitely a groove to doing this move so start slow until you’re comfortable and then set a faster rhythm for yourself.

Hip Rocks

Sway your hips from left to right, but Ally also adds a variety of counts to your sway. Learn how to hip rock single and double time and get your core engaged in an easy and effective way. This move, you can do while you clean dishes or while drying your hair. Try it out!

Step Out & Rock Combo

Let’s put two of the moves together. I know you’ve mastered both Step Out and Hip Rocks so this is going to be easy peasy! Part of the Kpop culture is the perfection in their dancing and singing, but we’re here to have fun, so if you need to replay a move, do it. This is all for you and no one else. Get it, Kpop Star!

Beginner Kpop Dance Tutorial

Get the Kpop Dance experience with Ally and her girl krew. This is just one of the many Kpop Dance Party dance workouts available on our platform.

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