Twerk dance is the new full body workout you’ve been waiting for. It’s fun, sexy and has a lot of benefits that you never even thought of the first time you saw a twerk video. I never thought I’d be twerking, but once I started… I couldn’t stop and I didn’t want to!

What is Twerk Dance?

Twerking is a dance move that involves squatting down and moving your booty back and forward. It originated in New Orleans in the 90’s and was mostly called Bounce. I’ve only ever seen twerking in music videos so when I took Nicole’s twerk class, I didn’t know it was going to be a lot of work for my whole body! Of course when I started, I wasn’t very good at it, but with practice and more Tone N Twerk classes, I definitely have gotten better at twerking?

Twerking Tones

Your lower body will thank you for taking a twerk dance class. You’re pretty much in a squat position which improves your standing strength! Whether you’re twerking slow or fast, your thighs and calves will definitely feel the burn. And that’s a good thing, babe. Not only that, you get to learn sexy twerk moves you can bust out anytime that will make you a star?

Powerful Core

How do you engage your lower back muscles? You have to use that core, baby. I started twerking and I felt like I wasn’t doing it right. Turns out, you still have to activate your core when you do booty pop moves. This means when you pop your booty forward, squeeze your belly in and you’ll be sore the next day.

Great Confidence Booster

I’ve noticed that after a few classes, my confidence level have spiked! I think it’s the combination of getting a great workout and the empowering moves that twerk brings. I love that this dance style celebrates our junk in the trunk, however big or small. And even if it’s small, with all the twerking you’ll do, babe, you’ll see a booty transformation?? Knee Pads are a must when you’re starting out with twerk dance!

Booty Sculpting

As I’ve mentioned above, you’ll see a difference in your behind after continuous twerk practice. What I love about Nicole and her Tone N Twerk series is that it mixes the fun twerk dance with booty toning elements. She usually starts her class with toning so you can tighten and sculpt it to get the best booty of your life. This is where equipment comes in too– either fitness bands or gliders. I feel that equipment really help up the ante even if you take the same class. You don’t always have to use the equipment, but it is good to challenge your body as well. Try out this 5 minute booty toning and let me know what move made it burn the most ? Need fitness bands? Get our fave brand: Fit Simplify

Most Fun You’ll Have Working Out

Fo real. Twerking is so fun and yes, it is silly looking/feeling when you start so don’t take yourself too seriously and remember you’re getting a great workout while living your best twerk life! Come twerk with me and find the joy and fun in a good booty workout. Check in with us on Instagram and use #hipshaker and show us what you’ve got!

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