I LOVE hip hop dance workouts, they are my go-to when looking for a dance class. So it only made sense to make a dance program that’s focused on hip hop fitness. Sometimes it can be overwhelming when there’s so much on-demand dance workouts right in front of your face that it’s nice to see a list of workouts that’s curated for your needs. So for my Hip Hop Heads out there, we’ve got the dance workout program you’ve been waiting for.

Closet Gangsta Hip Hop Workout Program

This program will help you discover your inner Hip Hop Queen with classes from Old School Hip Hop, Flirty Hip Hop and Kpop Dance Party. This dance program is full of grooves and heart pumping moves that will improve your coordination and help you lose weight. I think hip hop is perfect for working out because you don’t realize how much calories you’re burning since you’re having so much fun. Our Hip Hop moves are friendly to all dance levels and what’s great about online dance classes is that you can always pause and rewind to see the move again.

Why I love workout programs

It’s really helpful to me when I don’t have to figure out what workout to do, especially if I only have a limited time like in the mornings. So I decided to create workout programs with specific goals and intentions so you can find the right program for you. I get more motivated to workout when I don’t have to scroll through a lot of classes, it’s kind of like scrolling through Netflix, you have so many choices and you just end up watching the same shows over and over again. With our dance programs, you get to try dance workouts that you either missed or have never seen before and sometimes that’s how they become my new favorite workout.

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