At every party, there’s one song that will get everyone on the dancefloor. That song happens to be This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan and it also happens to be our newest YouTube tutorial dance video.

This Is How We Do It

Classic Old School Hip Hop Song

It was Ashley’s idea to use the well known song for our YouTube choreography video and I was ecstatic! Of course, we had to think about our outfits and any props that we can use for the video. I looked through different photos from the 80’s and the 90’s and they sure love their bright colors. We decided on light purple for the backup dancers to make it a little subtle. We added overalls and a plaid shirt around the waist. Totally 90’s. Ashley topped it off with her metallic silver kicks and it was dope. Old School outfits

Old School Dance Moves

The Running Man

One of Ashley’s favorite move is the Running Man. It all started in the 80’s and made popular by Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation music video. It’s a super fun dance to do and it’s really good cardio. Running Man Old School Hip Hop

Snake or Body Roll

Another fun move we did was the Snake or the Body Roll. It’s exactly how it sounds, you roll your body up from your chest to your hips and you look like a fierce snake doing it. This move wakes up your core and can make you feel slightly sexy. Snake Old School Hip Hop

The Humpty Dance

One of my personal favorite move is the Humpty Dance. This was made popular by the Digital Underground and their song with the same title. If you do this dance a few times in a row, you’ll work your legs and your hips and you’ll never want to stop. Humpty Dance Old School Hip Hop

On Set With Old School Hip Hop

We had so much fun filming this video and we hope you have as much fun learning this choreography too. It’s really easy and it’s something you can do by yourself or with friends and loved ones. Share it with your peeps and have an Old School dance party courtesy of Ashley and Hip Shake Fitness!
Shout out to Ashley for bringing the boombox & the sunglasses

Shout out to Ashley for bringing the boombox & the sunglasses

Old School Hip Hop on Hip Shake Fitness

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This Is How We Do It Dance Workout