We’ve got dance workouts for beginners and you can do them all at home! Ain’t that the best? You don’t have to worry about driving to the studio or fitting their schedule with yours. Start your dance class whenever you want babe!

Beginner Dance Workouts

Taking dance workouts for beginners is great when you’re trying out a new class. We’ve all been there babe, you join a new dance class and you notice these “groups” forming. The people in front have been taking the class often and know a lot of the moves. While you’re stuck in the back just trying to understand the basic moves. I love working out at home because no one’s watching so even if I mess up the moves, it’s totally ok, I can practice it as many times as I want. I’ve picked out some of my favorite beginner dance workouts that will make you sweat and still have fun. Dance workouts for beginners should be easy, smooth and should totally be a dance party! I picked out instructors that give off all those vibes, but also have really awesome moves and are super empowering. Instructors are an important part of a dance class, I know I’d keep coming back if I feel like my instructor could be my BFF ?Trust me babe, these badass women will make you want to keep dancing and trying new dance styles too. You can find dance workouts for beginners on our instagram too bb, so go give us a follow and tag #hipshaker on your dance posts so we can give you some love ?

Try These Dance Workouts For Beginners

I’ve picked four dance workouts that I think you’ll enjoy as a beginner or even if you’re just looking to check out a new style. These videos will get you off your feet and shakin’ that booty!

Barre Workout

Let me start you off with Diane and some barre at home. I was a little scared of trying barre in public so these videos really help me boost my confidence and be able to take a barre class in a studio. You don’t need a barre, all you need is a chair with a back and you’re set. The Tuck and Squeeze is my fave from this video because it’s such a tiny move that works all your core and legs. Gives a new meaning to tiny but mighty.

Twerk Dance

Of course, I have to put in my girl, Nicole! I know you’ve been wanting to try twerk dance, but it might be a little intimidating to do in a studio, right? So let me show you how you can learn how to twerk right at home and still get that studio feel. I love the slow version of the Up Down twerk because I get to feel my back muscles working while I move. Sometimes we forget about those muscles and it’s nice to get a little work in on areas that we’ve left behind.

Dancehall Moves

Dancehall is already a party like atmosphere and add Zen’s moves to it then you’ll be moving nonstop and love every minute of it. My favorite is the fast wine even though I still have a hard time with it. I like the challenge and I keep going back to this beginner dancehall video just for that move. I also like how different Dancehall steps are to most classes out there, you don’t see a lot of these moves so it’s cool to learn them at home.

Kpop Dance Moves

Last, but not least, take a Kpop dance class with Ally. You ever see those Kpop music videos and think, I want to learn how to dance like that. Well you’re in luck because all the choreography in this class are inspired by popular Kpop dance moves. This is a really basic tutorial that works your hips and your feet. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it the first time, remember, you can always hit the replay button as many times as you want babe. Let me know which dance workouts you enjoyed the most and why in the comments below ?

More Dance Workouts For Beginners Online Anytime, Anywhere

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