Whether you have sensitive knees or you just can’t go full out today, we’ve got the lowdown on your low impact dance workouts! You can still get a great workout without straining yourself. Check it out.

Why low impact?

Since we make dance workouts accessible to every body, we make sure that our videos are friendly to all dance levels. Even if you do low impact, you will still make a difference for your body and you will still feel the calories burn. Achieve your fitness goals without damaging your body and increasing your cardiovascular health.

This is how we do low impact workouts

Still not sure if you can do low impact? Check out these modified moves below:

Belly Squat Clap from Bollywood Abs

Ashley is really good at giving lower modification for her moves.

Regular Belly Squat Clap

Modified Belly Squat Clap

Bolly Hops from Bollywood Abs

Regular Bolly Hops

Modified Bolly Hops

Skate from Kpop Dance Party

Even our Kpop inspired dance workouts have lower modifications so you can try that too! Check out Mari, on the right, rockin’ that low mod move.


Low Impact Dance Anytime, Anywhere

We’ve got a complete 21 day dance program that includes lower impact moves with LA Latin, our latin dance inspired dance workout, Bollywood Abs, our Bollywood inspired cardio dance party and a little bit of Belly Dance Trance. This program will improve your range of motion and your coordination with super fun dance workoutsWe’re your go-to on-demand dance classes. Our dance workouts are always available 24/7, 365 days! PLUS workout programs you’ll love so stay fit on your own schedule with us.

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