Sexy dance routines make holidays all the more fun. We’ve got dances for holiday songs and songs that will make you feel fierce for the holiday.
Holidays are the best time to learn something new. Why not learn some christmas dances right at home? From hip hop to burlesque, we’ve got you covered. Who doesn’t love a good christmas dance choreography? I know I do. I always get into the christmas spirit when I get my dance on. Of course, my favorite is the classic All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey. We’ve got a choreography by the Cardio Queen that’s super perfect and will get you in the Christmas mood. Then, we’ve got all the sexy dances your heart desires from Chair Tricks in Burlesque to sexy hip hop dances. I love learning sexy dances because it makes me feel good about my body. Not only that, dancing let’s me listen to my body and what it needs. So check out these sexy dance routines you should learn this holiday season below. Post your sweaty selfies after doing your sexy dance routines on instagram! Use #hipshaker and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love?

All I Want For Christmas Is Sexy Dances

The classic song of the holiday is up first. Nicole created this fun and sexy dance routine to All I Want For Christmas Is You. Put on your best christmas dress and jiggle that booty through Christmas. I love the sexy circle hip rolls that Nicole teaches in this routine. I know you will too.

Sexy 7 Rings Burlesque Dance

Get your chairs ready babes, we’re doing some tricks! Erica is channeling her inner Ariana Grande in this one. My favorite move from this is the Fan Kick. Slow or fast fan kicks are so sexy because it makes your legs look long, even if you’re a shorty.

Crazy In Love With This Sexy Dance Routine

Here’s one for the Bey hive! I’m Crazy In Love with this Flirty Hip Hop choreography because it embodies Beyonce and women empowerment. My fave is the lasso move that Nicole adds on, it’s sort of a brain challenge because your abs moves a different way than your arms.

Flirty Strip That Down Dance

Ooh let’s get flirty and strip down to a sexy dance routine. This one is so fun babe, Nicole takes sexy hip hop dancing to a new level. The fiercest move in this routine is the Hip Circles to the floor slap. The harder you slap the floor, the better babe and then don’t forget that hair choreography bb’s.

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