Ladies, I know we all have different personalities that we show off depending on the day. Luckily, we’ve got step by step twerk dance moves for all of those personalities. We’ve got you covered, bootylicious!

Twerk Dance Is Life

Twerking is a way of life! I remember the first time I tried twerk dance with Nicole Steen… it changed my life. I knew of twerk, but I didn’t know how much fun and how much of a workout it was. My twerk personality definitely changed from my first booty pop to the present. Do you know your twerk personality?

My very first Tone N Twerk video

I was a shy twerker when I started and I would get in my head about how I looked. I think it also didn’t help that when I watched Nicole do her thing, I just became mesmerized. It did, however, make me want to practice more, step by step and be a better twerker. Then I noticed that popping my booty became my go to move when I’m out with my girlfriends and I became a mini twerk queen amongst my friends. Slowly but surely, I started to let loose and not care what people thought when I twerked. All I know is that I have fun when I do it and there’s a sense of empowerment when I get my twerk on! So I encourage you babes out there to find your twerk personality and own it, own that twerk and embrace the power of the booty! Find your twerk personality below and let us know with #hsfteam on instagram. We love seeing your posts babes!

Twerk Dance Personalities

Here are some twerk personalities that you might relate to! We’ve got everything from beginners to queens and in betweens and a step by step twerk workout with Nicole for each personality.

Shy Booty

Maybe you’re just starting out or this might even be your very first encounter with twerk workouts! How exciting for you babe. This is a great workout to start off with because Nicole breaks down some basic twerk moves. Also, this is my first twerk video for our site, so we’ll both be shy little booties for now.

Small Booty Twerker

Do you think that only big booties can and should twerk? Break that stereotype babe. Everyone can twerk and I’m here to help. Here’s a one on one with Nicole that should help you feel confident about rockin’ that small tush. She’ll help you really pop what your mama gave you.

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The Social Media Twerker

We’ve all seen it on social media, ladies showing off their twerk moves on the ‘gram. I’ve got nothin’ but love for yah girls, you keep twerking! I picked our Milkshake choreography because this song is a classic. You’ll definitely be trending with these moves babe and it’ll definitely bring all the boys to your yard!

At Home Sexy Goddess

Are you an introvert outside your house, but once you turn on your jam you let loose? Then you’re an at home sexy goddess babe and there’s nothing wrong with that! Let it all out in the comfort of your own home, honey. I’m inviting you into my living room to get your twerk on. Get your yoga mat out and your booty bands and get ready to pop!

Boss Babe Twerker

For your final form… bow down to the boss babe. You are unapologetic and don’t care who sees you twerking or who you even twerk on in the dance floor! For this, we’re going with Cardi B because like you, she’s also unapologetic and we like both of you like that. So keep doing your thing, boss babe twerker!

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