YouTube is a prime resource for learning how to dance. Twerking is just one of these dances that you can learn but how do you really twerk when you have zero experience? I compiled the best videos to learn how to twerk for beginners so let’s get this twerk party started.

How Do You Twerk?

It doesn’t matter if you have a big booty, a little booty or no booty, babe you CAN shake it! How do you twerk is completely up to you and we’ve got the tools to help you find your groove. how to twerk beach If you’re reading this it’s because you’re curious about twerking. Twerk dance has been around for many many years and it ain’t going anywhere hunny. I started with our instructor Nicole plus her YouTube videos and it changed me. It made me more confident, it perked up my booty and it gave me a new go to move. I love that these moves can also give you a total body workout. The squats build up your leg muscles and the actual twerking works on your back and your core. There are so many videos on YouTube that can help you learn how to twerk. I’ve compiled the best videos to teach you how to twerk even if you’re a beginner or expert dancer. So come and let your inner twerk queen out babe. Our twerk dance classes starts with a booty toning workout and ends in a fun choreography. Join Nicole and be part of this dance revolution and checkout new twerk workouts on our instagram and tag #hsfteam on your posts so we can give you some love!

Booty Shaking Workouts On YouTube

These YouTube videos will teach you technique in minutes. We’ll start with some twerking 101 where you’ll learn different basic moves then we’ll get in touch with our bootylicious selves with even more twerk workouts.

Twerking 101

Babe, this was my first ever twerk video and I’m so proud of how far I’ve come! This introduction is great because Nicole goes through different moves that will make you feel comfortable and confident about your booty gains.

Basic Dance Moves

Nicole’s back with more beginner moves for you. My favorite is the shuffle twerk because it’s so fun and reminds me of the twist from back in the day. I love Nicole’s positivity and encouragement even from the interweb. She is booty goals so it’s also inspiring to see what a little practice can do for you.

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Learn To Twerk In 3 Minutes

Anisha is great at teaching the basic posture and movements. I love that she’s teaching a non dancer because it makes it super relatable and easy to understand. This video is super fun and is super encouraging to wanna be twerk queen and kings out there.

Learn To Booty Pop With Nina

Nina has great content if you want to learn specific booty shaking moves like the booty pop. She gives an in depth look at how each moves works for your body and she has amazing workout clothes that I’m super jealous of. Go through how to booty pop from your head to your toe and be a master after this video.

More Beginner Moves

Now this video is the latest twerk video that I got to be part of and if I do say so myself, I’ve improved! My favorite move from this video is the stank booty twerk, it’s fun, silly and gives my leg a workout. Check it out and let me know what moves spoke to you babe. Let’s jiggle together and be the bootylicious babes we truly are.

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