Hi Gorgeous!! Today, I’m excited to share a transformation story that is very very close to my heart. You probably know our our Berlin babe Djuke. You can find commenting, supporting and inspiring other babes on the private facebook group. She also does #greenbrags (posting her veggie rich meals) and cool city scape photos on her instagram. Djuke is a total boss babe! She loves nature so much that she made fundraising for a nature conservancy her career!

Meet Djuke from Berlin

I got to hang out with Djuke on a recent trip to Berlin. To be honest I teared up when I met her. There’s just something about knowing someone online and then meeting them in person. She told me that she grew up as the youngest in her family. She is the only one of her family in Berlin. She sometimes misses the countryside, but she enjoys the benefits of a big city, like a well working public transport system, people, food from many countries and an open minded spirit of “live and let live”. I love how game she was with all the “touristy” ideas I had. Can we visit this area? Can we try this photo booth? Can we go to this weird art gallery? Djuke was there and said “YES”. In the same way, Djuke is someone who opens up her heart and takes risks. She is always willing to try out different recipes. She tried the Coconut Chicken Fingers and Crunchy Carrot Salad from the 21 Day Spring Dance Intensive. She joined our online dance studio in March and in the last 6 months have had so much progress!!! Just check our her transformation photos. What I love most is how positive she is and how much she motivates and inspires other women like me to be the best that we can be! We love you to pieces and we’re so grateful you are part of our dance tribe Djuke!!!

What inspired you to start your health journey?

I didn’t feel well in my skin for quite a while, I didn’t feel like me any more with all the weight I gained over the last years. So I’ve been thinking about losing weight and focusing on my health for at least a few months, but I got serious with it this year in the end of February for 2 reasons:
  • A good friend started to go swimming at least 3 times a week to lose weight. She has 3 kids, one of them with special needs, and works night shifts. That gave me a serious kick in the butt. I thought: If she with her busy schedule can make time for working out, there’s no excuse for me why I can’t. This was my initial motivation.
  • I stumbled upon a small book, named “Losing weight starts in your head“. It was written by 2 neuroscientists, who explained how they used their knowledge on the human brain to lose weight (…and to eat healthier). As I’m a science girl, I devoured the book. And learned: If you want success, take baby steps and change one habit at a time. Otherwise your brain will sabotage you. And this was my first step to a sustainable weight loss plan.

What’s your favorite workout?

Oh, that’s a tricky question. The thing I truly love on hip shake fitness is the variety of styles. And I usually follow the pre-planned schedules – one thing less to think about, just dance through the workout of the day. But I do love some styles more than others. The Bollywood Abs program instantly makes me feel like a gracious bellydancer, after a Strong and Sexy workout I feel exactly that way, and Tone n Twerk is my choice, when I need something to cheer me up – shaking my booty like Beyonce always makes me laugh about myself.

How do you find the energy to workout right now?

I love our #mugshotmonday challenge on the private facebook page where we post a sweaty selfie after our workout. Monday has become my fav workout day! It’s so cool to see all other babes around the world doing the same workouts like me.

Why do you think Hip Shake Fitness is different from other online fitness subscription sites?

I love the positivity, the diversity and the kindness among hipshakers. Listening to the instructors in the videos always makes me feel good. They really, really encourage you to push through without calling you a loser. They also offer modifications, so you can experience success and don’t feel bad if you can’t do the high impact version (yet). This positivity is very different from other subscription sites. I really appreciate that the dancers in the videos of hipshake fitness are so diverse. There are people of all colours and body types. I think this is why the online community of hipshakers is so diverse as well. It’s such an awesome group of kind, loving and caring women, all dedicated to lifting each other up. I love how we keep it real among hipshakers and share our ups and downs in our journeys. Becoming a part of this community is one of the best things that happened to me this year.

How can we find you on instagram?


What’s your advice for someone just starting out in their fitness journey?

Toss. That. Scale. Honestly – it neither treats you well nor tells the truth! In August this stupid tool didn’t want to move a tiny bit for 3,5 weeks – but my body speaks a completely other language.

How has Hip Shake Fitness been helpful to your journey?

I’ve lost a good amount of pounds! But even more important are the unexpected things I gained: self love, self confidence, pride, and I re-discovered my passion to cook. And last but not least I gained a whole online support group at facebook. All these other dedicated, hard working women in the group hold me accountable for my goals and cheer me on when I need it. Awesome!

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