Our girl Nicole is here to teach you sexy twerk moves. These routines are hot, fun and will definitely give you a good workout too. We’re dancing to Cardi B, Jason Derulo and so much more.

Learn These Sexy Twerk Routines

Twerking should be celebrated and appreciated all over the world. So we want to bring sexy twerk routines to your house so you can shake your booty. sexy twerk with Nicole We’re so lucky to have the twerk queen, Nicole Steen at our studio to teach us her ways. This is one of my favorite classes ever because it’s so much fun and such a great cardio workout. No one ever tells you how much stamina is needed to be able to twerk for a long time! I’m sharing some of my favorite routines that I’ve learned from Nicole’s twerk classes over the years so you can try them too. I suggest watching the full routine first and then learn the moves by verse and moves will repeat so you’ll be able to do them a few times per song. Let loose, have fun and twerk what your mama gave yah! Show off your spicy twerk moves on instagram. Use #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some booty taps.

Swalla Sexy Twerk Choreography

We’re starting this steamy twerk journey with Jason Derulo. This routine is so energetic and so fun that you’ll want to repeat it over and over again. I love the twerk circles from this choreography and of course, the booty claps. Everybody loves a booty clap!

Twerk To Cardi B’s I Like It

You can’t skip out on Cardi B when it comes to twerking! She’s made twerking look so easy and often incorporates it to her songs. I Like It is a summer jam that can take you to the beach wherever you are. I love the up and down booty rolls in this routine and I know you will too.

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My Twerking Brings All The Boys To The Yard

Now let’s learn a routine to a classic song from Kelis. We had no business dancing to this song when we were teenagers, but now that we’re older, we can own it and twerk it. This was my very first twerk choreo with Nicole and I’m so proud of how far I’ve come.

Risque Twerk Dancing To Bodak Yellow

We’re capping things off with another Cardi B song that really empowers women. When Bodak Yellow came out, I knew we had to do a twerk dance routine with Nicole. It’s hard to pick a fave move from this dance because I love it all, but the money moves sequence takes the cake 😉

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