Have you ever wanted to try dance workouts, but don’t know where to start? Dance workouts are a great way to make exercising fun again! Dancing is a non competitive way to get fit and it helps boost your energy and strengthen your whole body. I’ve compiled some of our awesome beginner dance workout videos and you can find all of these and more on our YouTube channel!

Dance Workouts For Beginners

Dance workouts are a great entry point if you haven’t exercised in a long time and you want to ease your way back in. And I know most of you are super busy and it’s either hard to find a class in your area or a class time that works for you. So we made it easier for you busy-bee’s and made our dance workouts accessible. I know that when I was diagnosed with PCOS I had a hard time finding classes that fit my schedule. When I did get to dance, I felt so good and so alive after. And that’s how I want you to feel after doing one of our workouts. My other favorite part about our platform is the community that comes with it. We have a lot of strong women supporting each other on our Facebook Group. It warms my heart to see all these ladies come together from all over the world with all different fitness journeys share their stories. If you want a community for weekly accountability, fun fitness motivations and more, request to join our group today. And check out this list of beginner dance workouts that I made below and let me know which one’s you enjoyed!

1. Flirty Hip Hop Sexy Cardio Workout

First stop is to Nicole-ville. She is total body goals and her energy is electric in all of her classes. Flirty Hip Hop is a dance workout where you can release your inner diva while doing sassy hip hop moves. Nicole breaks down each moves and then links them all together. Not only do you get a great workout, you also learn a super fun and sexy dance routine!

2. Strong and Sexy Ab Workout

Strong is the new sexy and Ashley is just the girl you want to work with. What I love about this workout is that you’re dancing your way to a stronger core. You don’t even need your arms for this workout, as you can see below, I had an arm injury, but that didn’t stop me from working out! These are very easy moves that you can try at home so burn those abs, baby!

3. Afrovibe African Dance Workout

Omg. Get excited! This dance workout will change your life. It is the most fun I have while working plus we’ve got a live drummer so it makes it feel like a totally different experience. Afrovibe combines muscle toning and cardio dancing all in one class. It helps improve your standing strength and flexibility and it’s literally a dance party with Zen!

4. Tone N Twerk Dance

I love my booty workouts and you will too! I know what you’re thinking, twerking?? Yes, girl. Twerking is so good for your booty and for your legs. And don’t worry, you’ll be twerking at home so you can let it all go and I promise you, you’ll have a blast. The first move you’ll learn is the Shuffle Twerk, next thing you know, you’ll be a twerk pro ?

5. Havana Dance Choreography

Lastly, Havana by Camila Cabello topped the charts last year so it only made sense to create a dance choreography for Strong and Sexy. I really think this is a great choreography for beginners because it involves a lot of basic moves, but it’s a total body workout too. You’ll want to do this dance workout a few times because it’s that much fun, babe.

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