K-Pop is a music genre that originated from South Korea. It’s popularity in the United States has increased over the years with it’s catchy sound, vibrant videos and mesmerizing choreography. There are so many K-Pop dance videos floating around the web so we compiled some of the best and easy to follow K-Pop dance videos.

K-Pop Dance Made Easy

KPOPX Fitness Channel has awesome K-Pop workout videos and we found a perfect one for beginners. The song is from Psy called Daddy. The workout mainly consist of leg and arm movements, but don’t be fooled by the small space, this workout will still get you sweating.

Sexy K-Pop Dance Moves

For the more adventurous dancer, we found a sultry choreography that will get your heart pumping. The song is Something by Girl’s Day and the choreographer is Heather. She definitely focuses on the legs so if you want a good cardio dance workout set to K-Pop, this is the video for you.

K-Pop Zumba

Are you a big fan of Zumba? K-Pop Zumba Fitness by Nicole brings together the high energy workout from Zumba and the cardio from the hip hop choreography of K-Pop. This is definitely a unique version of Zumba that will get you moving and wishing that your gym had a K-Pop Zumba class.

Komplex K-Pop Dance

Let’s up the difficulty shall we? This song from 2NE1 might sound familiar to you because it was used in a Microsoft commercial. This tutorial comes from a Korean dance team called Waveya and I recommend watching the whole thing first and then learning the choreography. You’ll probably end up watching the dancers a few times because they are so mesmerizing when they dance, but they also make you want to get off the computer and dance!

Bonus K-Pop Video

Want more K-Pop dance goodness? Here’s the video for KAHI It’s Me. She is like the Ciara of K-Pop and this video definitely shows it. It’s full of confidence, sex appeal and her abs, inspiring! You’ll want to watch it over and over again. If you learn this dance, let us know!

KPop Dance Party on Hip Shake Fitness

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