You can take your hip hop dance classes right at home and I’ve got a few of my favorites here for you. Hip hop is the gateway class to so much more fitness classes so don’t be afraid to open up that door babe.

Hip Hop Class Is My Go To

When I feel like I need a little pep to my step, I put on my favorite hip hop dance class from our studio. Dancing already makes me feel so much better, but there’s something about a hip hop class that really gets me going! womens workout hip hop class There are many different types of iconic hip hop classes out there. I wish I could try all of them, but I’m so happy that a lot of them are available online. I’ve compiled some of my go to’s below from our studio and from instructors that I’ve taken classes from in person too. There are so many benefits to taking a hip hop dance class like increasing your coordination, building self confidence, improving your flexibility and of course, getting your sweat on. These classes are a great addition to spice up your fitness routine at home.

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Old School Hip Hop Dance Class

Where are my old school hip hop lovers out there? I’m a big fan of 90’s hip hop moves and Ashley will teach you some of the best ones. I love this class because I get to relive those decades and I don’t know what it is, but those moves just makes me feel awesome. My favorite one from this class is the Humpty Dance for sure!

Hip Hop Fit

If you’re ever in the Los Angeles area, you need to take a class with Mike. He’s super energetic, motivating and can dance like no other. His classes are always packed and the community he’s built is so great and diverse. I love how he combines hip hop moves with strengthening moves to make this killer class.

Flirty Hip Hop

Want to add a little sexy in your hip hop? Nicole’s got you. She teaches you moves from Beyonce, Janet Jackson and so much more for a flirty and fun fitness routine. She doesn’t run out of energy so be ready to sweat and keep moving on that dance floor. You’ll definitely find your inner diva after this class.

Kpop Dance Party

Ally is bringing Kpop realness to our studio and we can’t get enough. This Kpop dance workout will teach you the fundamentals of learning a choreography from your favorite Korean pop groups. I love the Hip Rocks in this class because it’s an easy move that I can do if I get lost in the choreo 😉

Smooth Dance Moves

If you’re looking to level up your hip hop techniques then Alexander has got you covered. He’s breaking down moves like the Chest Roll and how to smoothly Point in the middle of a choreo. I love this series because it can help you get more comfortable with moves that you already know. Breaking them down makes them even more accessible.

Hip Hop Dance Classes At Home

Hip hop yah don’t stop and yah don’t quit. Get unlimited access to all of our hip hop dance workout classes in our studio today. That’s fierce and feminine dance classes available for you online anytime anywhere. Join now for  your 15 days free trial. hip hop dance classes

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