Learning a sexy chair dance can be very empowering. You’ve seen that burlesque dance class on a schedule, but you don’t know what to expect. So come take our burlesque class at your home and sexy dance like nobody’s watching!

Sexy Chair Dance

I know I’ve felt intimidated when thinking about taking a burlesque class and even more when I think about sexy chair dances. What should I expect? How will I feel when I’m on top of the chair? Will I fall? Will it be easy? Will I love it?? I can tell you right now, I definitely loved it! Learning a burlesque chair dance and then some made me feel confident, sexy and so fierce! There’s just something about dancing your heart out in a new and vulnerable way that makes you feel good. It takes a few tries to get used to the chair, but babe, like Erica says, the chair isn’t going anywhere. I felt like an acrobatic goddess when I finally got the chair trick. Not only did I learn a sexy chair dance, I also learned how to move around my throne. Erica does a really great job of making you feel comfortable. She’s like your best gal pal that’s helping you release your inner sultry side! Are you ready to get sexy, vulnerable and strong? Welcome to the world of sexy chair dance and Burlesque Burn! Burlesque Burn takes the strength from pilates and the sexy choreography from burlesque and puts it beautifully together! Erica will guide you through strength and feminine prowess so you can channel your own burlesque goddess. Check out more of our Burlesque Burn photos, new videos and more on instagram with #hipshaker!

Step By Step Sexy Chair Dance Tutorial

Get started on your sexy chair dance journey with our step by step tutorial. Grab a chair with a back and you’re on your way!

Step 1: All In The Hips

Clutch the edge of the chair without the back then rest your hips on the back of your chair. Make sure it’s your hip bone and not your stomach. It’ll make a difference babe.

Step 2: Elbow Magic

Your elbow should lay flat of the seat and this will give you a lot of support and help you balance.

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Step 3: Balancing Act

Drop your chest to the chair and slowly lift your feet off the floor. Do it as slowly as you need because this is your time!

Step 4: Make Your Shape

Once your legs are up in the air, take a second to breathe and smile because you did that! Now let’s have fun. What kind of shapes can you create with your legs? Try it with one, try it with both.

Bonus: Freestyle

Yes QUEEN! You did it. You learned your very first chair trick. As a fun bonus, hit that play button below so you can also learn how to freestyle on and around the chair babe.

Learn A Sexy Chair Dance

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