Summertime is one of my favorite seasons and it’s the perfect time for dance workouts online. It’s hot out, but you want to get your sweat on with some dancing? You can do it right at home babes.

Summer Dance Workouts Online

There’s nothing like dancing the night away during the summer. When I need to find moves for my next summer party, I turn to dance workouts online. I learn new grooves and get a fantastic workout too! Summertime is just around the corner which means the weather will be sizzling, sweat will be drippin’ so it’s the perfect weather for dancing inside. Dance workouts online are a great way to get your summer bod started because it’s so accessible and you don’t have to leave home. For me, when my favorite instructors combine their awesome moves with songs that I love, it makes it that much enjoyable to workout. The list of dance workouts online I have for you below are just some of my fave songs to jam to and these instructors have the best energy so get ready to get up and dance summer babes! Get your summer dance workouts online! We make dance classes accessible so you can get started on that summer bod. Check out new workouts on our instagram and tag #hsfteam on your posts so we can give you some love

Online Dance Workouts I Love

Come dance to these jams that will definitely get you amped up for the summer! We’re talking Cardi B, DJ Snake and even Kpop sensations BlackPink. Dancing in the summer is better with you so let’s get it babe.

I Like It By Cardi B Twerk Dance

The first time I heard this song, it was an instant part of my summer dance playlist. The vibe, Cardi B and the music arrangement just screams summer. Adding Nicole and her twerk moves to this was PERFECT and honestly made this song even hotter.

7 Rings By Ariana Grande Burlesque Workout

Ariana just makes bangers and this is no different. This is the perfect song to dance to with your girlfriends because Erica makes it sultry, fun and flirty! This is one of those choreos that I’m so glad we have as an online dance workout because I don’t think I’d be super comfortable doing this at a studio, but I can do it at home so I’m all in.

Ddu-Du Ddu-Du By BlackPink Kpop Dance

Kpop is invading the US and I love every minute of it! I so wish I could’ve seen BlackPink in Coachella this year, but now with Ally’s help, I can put on a show of my own. This is super cool because Ally actually used the actual choreography to the music video and just made it her version. Get that kpop dance star power babe and slay!

Houdini By Dua Lipa Fitness Marshall

I use this song as a warm up/hype up for my day when it’s a little drab. This is a great song to get your heart pumping and adding Fitness Marshall to it makes it even more energetic and magical. I love how he describes his moves and by the end of this song you’ll be sweatin’ and ready to take on the world.

Level Up By Ciara Chop Daily Tutorial

If you did not see the Level Up challenge on social media, check out Ciara’s music video here. This is just such a power anthem for EVERYBODY and I love how many different types of people did the challenge. Try out the tutorial with Chop Daily and believe me, you will also level up!

Dance Workouts Online Anytime, Anywhere

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