Have you ever wanted to try Twerking? I’m serious. I too, used to roll my eyes when I see twerking videos. That was until I tried it myself and found out that it’s a really great workout for your legs, glutes and core!

Twerking At Home

I for one, am too shy to try and twerk in a public class. Especially if it’s my first time. Luckily, there’s a bunch of twerk videos now on the internet, but most of them lack direction besides “shake your butt”. I don’t really know the mechanics of twerking, but fortunately, we have our wonderful instructor Nicole Steen— the Booty Queen, to get us on the right track.

Learn How To Twerk in 5

Here’s a little taste of our Tone N Twerk Level 1. Nicole and the girls starts off with the Basic Twerk, either standing or with a squat. I think it’s definitely ok to keep practicing and practicing the Booty Pop because that is a major key to Twerking. It also takes a while to get used to popping your booty fast and I give kudos to anyone who can do that gracefully. When you Twerk in the squat position, you definitely feel the burn on your thighs and glutes.

Twerk Your Way To Fitness

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On Demand Twerk Classes

Get your twerk on with our Tone N Twerk dance workouts. Free trial for 15 days is always available. Go on and twerk, your glutes will thank you! If you’re ready for the next level, check out our how to twerk for intermediate dancers!