We wouldn’t be here without our instructors. They are the backbone of our online dance studio and we’re so grateful to know them.

Support Your Instructors

Times are tough right now because we all have to stay home and practice social distancing. This means a lot of fitness instructors aren’t able to do their jobs at the studios or at the gym.Thanks to technology, we’re lucky enough to be able to still take their classes in the safety of our homes. We love our instructors and we want to help them thrive during these tough times. Did you know that everytime you do their workouts on our platform that they get paid? So keep working out at home with your fave instructors through our platform or our Youtube Channel so they can continue to make a living from what they love to do. We’ve compiled how your Hip Shake instructors are teaching their classes outside of our platform.

Nicole Steen | Tone N Twerk, Flirty Hip Hop

We just did a livestream with the booty queen and you can catch the replay below. Nicole also has a Quarantine Workout Series available to rent & buy via Vimeo. Check her instagram for up to date news about her livestream classes.

Diane Numark | Blissful Barre

Diane owns BarreWorks Redondo Beach and together with her badass instructors, they’re bringing all of their classes online. Checkout the BarreWorks Facebook Page for more details. If you’re in the area, you can also rent out equipment from her studio like trampolines, pilates balls and more.

Zen | Dancehall Jam

Zen is teaching you her choreographies on instagram live. When she’s not dancing, she’s making yummy vegan meals on her WholesomeZen account. She also has smoothie challenges that you can join there.

Matt Mancuso | LA Latin

Matt may have moved to NY, but you can catch his classes on Zoom! Get all the information on his Facebook page and if you want to try some virtual ballroom group classes, he’s also teaching with Ballroom Dream Dance Studio.

Ally Vega | Kpop Dance Party

Catch Ally’s weekly virtual dance classes on instagramfacebook live and sometimes on youtube. Check her social media for updated schedules. And if you’ve taken her class and have the funds to donate, this goes directly to her: donate here.

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