Dance workouts have come a long way from only toning your lower body and booty. Instructors have now incorporated ab focused moves in their dance workouts to give you a total body burn! I really like working on my abs during dance workouts because I focus less on my abs burning and more on the dance moves. So it takes my mind off the actual workout and lets me have fun while toning my abs.

Why Core Workouts Are Important

Ab workouts are an important part of a well-rounded workout routine. Core workouts help you improve your balance and your body’s stability. When you workout your core, you are training the muscles in your pelvis, hips, lower back and  abdomen! Of course, when you exercise your core, you’re also toning your abs. When combined with cardio workouts, ab workouts strengthen and sculpts your abdominal muscles. And that’s a win-win for everybody. A strong core is so important because it makes everyday activities easier to do plus it even helps improve back pain?? You can cash in on all of these benefits with our ab focused dance workouts. I’ve compiled our best 5 minute snippets from our full workouts that are core focused. Let me know which one you like best and tag #hipshaker on Instagram!

1. Bollywood Abs Core Workout

Let’s take a trip to India with Ashley and Bollywood Abs. This is the perfect starting point to get your core burning through dance workouts. In this workout, you will be doing Body Rolls, Leg Lifts and Hip Crunches– all of these moves help strengthen your core muscles. My favorite thing about this is how easy the moves are and you don’t even realize how much toning you’re doing to your abs. It’s dance workout magic!

2. Strong and Sexy Intense Abs

Don’t be fooled by the word intense in the title, any body can do this ab workout! In fact, I had an arm injury when we filmed this workout, so there is also a lower modification here if you need it. You will be doing a variation of Ab Pumps, Crunches and Leans with us to strengthen that core. My fave move from this workout is the Step Touch. It’s very basic, but the variety that Ashley creates is awesome and it really works!

3. Wild Thoughts Choreography

Are you ready to get Wild Wild Wild while toning your core? We have a wonderfully Strong and Sexy choreography to Rihanna’s Wild Thoughts. Ashley combines cardio workouts with strengthening moves all to the beat of DJ Khaled! In the middle of this choreography, you will actually do a plank (lower modification avail ?) , how many choreographies have that? I really love how empowered I feel after doing this dance and I know you will too!

4. Flirty Hip Hop Ab Workout On The Floor

Lastly, we have to include Nicole “Abs of” Steen and Flirty Hip Hop. You’ll need a yoga mat for this workout because it’s all on the floor! Go through different crunches and twists to get sweaty and sexy and strong. This is only a sample of the toning section of this workout. Challenge yourself and do this workout twice or get the full workout with the cardio dance section on our site! Remember to go your own pace and listen to your body. You got this babe ??

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